Wow! Y’all are still HERE???

I think it’s been more than 4 months since I’ve even LOOKED at my blog here, let alone POSTED anything, and I log in today and see that I’m still getting 400 views on average each day!  That’s pretty freaking awesome you guys, and that’s pretty lame of me to have given you all NOTHING new to see or read in that time. I’m pleasantly surprised and feeling like a selfish jerk all at the same time….

Alrighty then, let’s see if I can do something to fix that!

I actually got a very cool email the other day, and that’s what got me thinking about posting to my blog again in the first place…

My new friend writes:

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you I enjoy your g/g scenes. I’m sure your b/g scenes are fabulous as well but as a lesbian I don’t care to watch them. I realized after reading bits of your blog that you’ve been around for a little while but I just recently started watching porn again. The short version is my girlfriend died in 09 and porn was a thing we watched together and I felt like I was cheating on her when I watched it alone. Anyways I saw you with Brandi Love in Lesbian Sex 11( a few times since I got it)and it was awesome. Its nice to be able to watch a scene where there is real chemistry and passion otherwise it isn’t a turn on and then what’s the point in watching it. I look forward to seeing you in more g/g. You are beautiful!

Your fan,

I LOVE getting mail like this!!  The fact that someone will take the time out of their day, after the porno-time and (hopefully) the resulting orgasm 😉  to think of me; feels both flattering as well as humbling..  But then to look for me on the internet to locate my email address and take the time to write to me, sharing something personal about themselves…?  I hope a day never passes where you all don’t know how grateful I am for each and every one of you, and also how lucky I feel I am, that some of you choose to share part of yourselves back with me.

Anyway, the shoot this lovely lady is referring to is Lesbian Sex #11 available from Girlfriends Films. It was a shoot I did in late summer 2013 with the amazing, wonderful and absolutely bangable Brandi Love.  If you enjoy girl/girl porn, you will LOVE this!  We have so much energy together, it was honestly one of the hottest sexperiences (..Hey, that was a typo lol, but I think I’ll leave it there!) I’ve had in my life with a woman, personally or professionally.  I really hope she and I get to work or play together again soon!

What’s new…. Let’s see, well I’ve shot a LOT of porn! Haha!  Some of the sites you will find me on are:

For my BDSM fans- (Hogtied, Fucking Machines, Everything Butt, TS PussyHunters, ElectroSluts, WhippedAss, The Upper Floor, Public Disgrace, Foot Worship, Sex and Submission, The Training of O) Sexually Broken, HardTied, Fetish Pros

For my Girl/Girl fans (like my friend T 😉 ) – Girlfriends Films

Like softcore with a twisted flair? Try Cruel Romance Pictures

Is one on one Boy/Girl more your taste? Naughty America, Brazzers, Evil Angel, Devils Film, Immoral Productions (Your Mom Tossed my Salad #11 you can buy this directly from ME!), Porn Pros, Bang Bros

Interracial? Whether its the contrast or the supersized cock you like to see: Nathan Blake Prod (coming soon!)

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, if you’re a GANGBANG fan: BoundGangbangs (Hey Mrs.S!- MY FIRST EVER SHOOT!) and Hardcore Gangbang (and if I have it my way, I’ll be adding many more to this genre soon!)

I also have several various DVD’s (Devils, Evil Angel, Immoral) that I can sign and send, including my very first self produced “All Me!” DVD, starring me and… a whole lotta big black dick (I’m not kidding, it says that in the credits 😉  ) Send me an email ( for information on how you can purchase one!

Oh yea!!  I almost forgot!! My good friends over at TeazeWorld are working on a shiny, new WEBSITE just for me!!! There is a LOT of work that goes into launching a website, including shooting all the exclusive content (videos you will ONLY see of my on my members site!!) so be patient with me, but IT’S COMING SOON!!! My blog will move in there, I’ll cam from there, sell shoot wardrobe (yes, bras, panties AND shoes!) videos, picture sets, fan mail, a Q & A section, and a whole lot more!  It will be like a one-stop-jackoff on Simone-shop!

Until next time!!

Simone XO


4 responses to “Wow! Y’all are still HERE???

  1. Of course we’re still here … True love is forever and besides you are sooooio much fun to watch when fucking our brains out !!!! Your most loyal and loving fans!!!! Carol & Richard On Friday, February 7, 2014, Sexploits of Naughty Simone wrote:

    > Sexploits of Naughty Simone posted: “I think it’s been more than 4 > months since I’ve even LOOKED at my blog here, let alone POSTED anything, > and I log in today and see that I’m still getting 400 views on average each > day! That’s pretty freaking awesome you guys, and that’s pretty lame of > me”

  2. Hello dear,

    This is not about sex. Do you have a kids and a husband, the whole thing? Or are you single and don’t have the responsibility of raising children (or a husband wink wink)?

    Thank you.

    • I don’t usually answer questions that are this personal in nature, mainly because it’s nobody’s business and it usually comes back to bite me in the ass (most are loaded questions wanting to judge me and the fact is y’all know very little about who I really am as a person, relatively speaking 😉 ) but yes, I have children- one grown and electively serving in our US Military. I am not married.


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