Here is my fantasy scenario for my Hardcore GB!!




So I thought I’d do something a little different this time.  Usually I tell a story AFTER a shoot, sometimes with pictures… and sometimes I let the pictures tell the story.  My recent HardcoreGangbang shoot was a little different than the usual shoot (where i just show up, look pretty and go for it).  Princess Donna asked me what I wanted! She wanted to fulfill a real fantasy of mine, and I actually wrote the script myself. 


What follows IS my fantasy, in the form of the script that I wrote and gave to Princess Donna, along with pictures from the shoot – my fantasy come to life!


In case you are wondering if this means that this fantasy (since it has been realized) is no longer a fantasy of mine… No way.  It is STILL very much alive and inside me.  It might look slightly different, or take different directions depending on my mood, but I still get off to this scenario quite often.  I hope you enjoy reading one of my real, true fantasies… with the bonus of the pictures of one of the ways this road can lead to go along with it!



Here is my fantasy scenario for my Hardcore GB!!


(This stems from a real experience that ended up being just a good threesome, but many times I have fantasized about it taking a much different turn)


The general idea is: new swinger couple goes to their first “house party” not knowing the hosts are actually planners of well thought out “ambush” gangbangs!


Laying in bed one afternoon, after a particularly hot session together, I get brave and tell my husband about one of my fantasies…. “baby, you know those porno movies you like to watch?” He says: “Mmhmm?”  I go on.. “You know, the ones with all those men, but only one girl…?”  He replies with obvious curiosity “Yes baby girl?”  I bravely go for the punchline… “Well… I want to try that…” and I waited for his response…32721_Simone_Sonay_047

As shy and embarrassed as felt openly admitting something that might make other men feel intimidated, my confident hubby responded quite favorably to the idea.  If fact, it actually seemed to turn him on because I immediately felt what was just a  well spent cock a few moments ago,  swelling again and pressing against my ass cheeks!


Seeing as it was fantasy sharing time, my loving husband had a fantasy he wanted to share himself…  He told me he wanted to try out a… SWINGER PARTY!


After a little convincing and reassuring that I would not find a bunch of overly hairy men, with shirts unbuttoned down to there, and thick gold chains (suitable to knock a tooth out) buried in the fur that they were going to want to rub all over me… I was in!

Fast forward to the weekend, and we are arriving at a house party.  “So much for MY fantasy”  I am thinking to myself.  “I should have known…  Oh well, I like girls too and tonight will be fun no matter what happens.” And then my thoughts progress to… “Hmmm, I bet it will actually be kinda hot to watch him in all his glory from a distance,  he is an EXCELLENT lover… Those ladies are really going to enjoy his cock…”

Meanwhile my mouth blurts out “Don’t you dare leave me alone for a second!!” (Obviously I’m still apprehensive about the possibility of getting tangled and lost in a web of chest hair and gold, and losing a tooth… ) He senses I am still nervous about the whole thing in the first place, and he reassures me that he would never do such a thing.


We knock on the door… there’s no turning back now!


The male host (Tommy) answers the door and I immediately thing to myself, “Ok.. this is a good sign, no chest hair to be found, yet…”   Actually he is quite attractive, AND very nice!  He graciously and warmly welcomes us and invites us in, as I’m thinking to myself “Yea… I’d do him…”

Tommy escorts us into their beautiful kitchen, full of very attractive men and women.  Immediately my hubby notices a gorgeous, sexy woman sitting casually at the island.32721_Simone_Sonay_059

She introduces herself as Tommy’s wife Donna, and it is obvious that she finds my husband hot as she is very touchy, flirty and suggestive.  32721_Simone_Sonay_057

Donna suggests that Tommy take me around and introduce me to the other guests, which I am certain was so that she could grope… er, I mean get to know my husband a little better.32721_Simone_Sonay_058

(Here is where I will stop narrating for you, and let the script take its course. I will add the pictures where they fit the best)

The afternoon continues, and we are all just having general, flirty, complimentary small talk, and the husband/wife hosts start to slyly look at each other as if they are both thinking the same thing and discreetly nodding at each other, my husband can’t keep his eyes off of the hot wife but I don’t notice, I am sort of absently participating in the conversation, but am really more interested in surveying the room and taking in the whole scene without making it look like I don’t want to be there, because I do.


Fast forward a bit, My husband and I are the awkward couple talking together, surveying the landscape, wondering what happens next, who’s partnered with who, or who has fucked who or who wants to fuck who,  yada yada… while others are seen mingling and flirting and socializing.  Everybody is getting more relaxed (but us) the host wife and husband might be seen talking with each other, appearing to be scheming…  Maybe they are also seen off talking quietly with a group of the other husbands at some point.  Helping it to appear that they are making a plan or formulating their usual “real” intent of these parties they throw.


Fast forward again, more socializing, mingling, parts of couples are talking with others and a few are grouped together here and there.  I am talking and lightly flirting with a small group of the other wives.  The conversation with our group is interesting, as most of the other women there know exactly what happens at these parties.  32721_Simone_Sonay_066

They are dropping hints or making insinuating jokes… “so this is your first time here huh? These parties really go off with a bang!” (the other ladies giggle and look at each other knowingly, but I don’t get it.) Or “Just wait till the end, it’s a total bang!” (More snide giggles)  (or something along those lines)


My husband is talking with the male host, still eyeballing the hot wife hostess and probably talking about her with her husband.  Maybe the host verbally notices that my husband hot for his wife and then starts “planting the seed” by telling my husband how much of a freak his wife is in bed… how much she likes to fuck… how she can fuck all night..  How she usually seems to pick one guy at a party and then nobody sees the two of them again until the early morning hours.  Maybe he will say, “You know, she made it crystal clear to me earlier how much she hoped to get her hands on you” which visually excites my husband.  Then my husband starts telling the host husband a little about what I like in bed, and then brings up the blindfold he’d slipped in his pocket he intended to surprise me with.  32721_Simone_Sonay_061


The host husband is CLEARLY excited about this (because it works PERFECTLY into their plan) and suggests that they go over to me and start the “surprise”!  They make a “plan” to blindfold me and take advantage of me together for a little while.


The wives I have been standing in a group chatting with notice my husband and the male host approaching us.  The ladies quickly decide it’s time for their little girl/girl play time now (because they know what is about to happen) and quickly excuse themselves and walk away grabbing each other or whatever makes it look like they are going to go play with each other.  Maybe they are talking about it “Oh my god is that new girl gonna get fucked OUT tonight” or “no fair, I wanted her for myself” to which someone replies “you know the drill, the boys get her this time, WE get her NEXT time”.  As they walk away, I am a little disappointed and confused.    My husband comes up behind me and grabs me in a way he knows makes my knees weak, I say to him “I don’t know what happened?  I thought I was fitting in with the girls…”  32721_Simone_Sonay_070

Husband replies, “that’s ok honey, how about the three of us have a little fun instead?” and pulls out the blindfold, and they both slip it over my head, completely covering my eyes.   The host hot wife notices, but doesn’t act on anything yet, she just casually watches for the right time.  The blindfold goes on, and both men just start touching me softly (no clothes off, just gently appearing to ease me into it or warm me up. 





Hotwife (Donna) decides this is her chance and slowly and seductively walks over to my husband who definitely notices her, but is giving his best college try to keep doing what he is doing with me.

The husbands of the wives that are off playing together are casually keeping an eye on the action but are careful to not make it obvious at all.  Maybe there is a fight on the TV they appear to be more interested it, or are talking sports or business and snacking at the counter/table, but occasionally looking over at us, monitoring the stage of the action.

Hotwife gets my husband’s attention easily by making her intentions to fuck him very direct by rubbing up against him and touching him.  32721_Simone_Sonay_076

Maybe she takes one of his hands off my body and puts it somewhere on hers, so that he is absentmindedly rubbing me while looking at and caressing her. 32721_Simone_Sonay_077

 Maybe she looks at first like she is going to join in on out little budding threesome, but my husband is too easily distracted by her and is clearly and quickly responding to her advances.  The host hubby has watched this and has picked up the pace a bit and has now gotten me distracted enough to not realize that my hubby is no longer focused on me.  Hotwife leads my hubby away, I don’t notice; I’m too into the host husbands A-seduction game.32721_Simone_Sonay_078

The coast is clear.  I am alone with host hubby, blindfolded, and VERY turned on and ready.  The guys that have been watching from the sidelines move over to us and gradually I am feeling one more hand, two more hands, four more hands…. 32721_Simone_Sonay_080

 I am  liking it and into it, but sort of wondering what is happening and it keeps slowly ramping up, all of their hands are one me and maybe they aren’t quite so soft and gentle at this point and immediately I realize I am sorely outnumbered and try to politely stop what is happening.  They don’t stop.  Then I get afraid and try harder to get away, they try harder to keep me right there…  etc, etc, ….


They cover my mouth or otherwise keep me from drawing any attention from the other happily-playing-elsewhere party goers (their wives and my husband), rip my clothes off and gangbang me.32721_Simone_Sonay_115

I get to fight and resist for at least the first full scene, maybe even into the second scene, but by the third scene I think I’m probably going to be way too hot and wanting it to continue to fake resisting 😉


(See movie here)

At the end, my well used and fucked husband saunters out to find me, however it is that they leave me.  32721_Simone_Sonay_274

A few ideas for the ending (but I’m indifferent, whatever is funny or just way wrong is how I think it should end):

-Maybe he doesn’t notice the severity of what happened and casually asks me if I had fun. “Wow, that was great.. did you have a good time too” or “… you look like you had a good time too” (not noticing that I am totally annihilated)

-Maybe he finds me; acts surprised and says  “hey, there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you” when he was obviously very preoccupied all night with Hotwife.

-Maybe he appears and is excited, satiated, and babbling like an excited little kid, ready to jump in and embrace the swinging lifestyle and looks at me and immediately assumes by my very well fucked appearance that I had a blast and tells me about the party the Hotwife told him they are having next weekend.

The end.

There you have it, my fantasy in the form that I presented it to Princess Donna, with the pictures of it coming to life.  I think she did a spectacular job giving me exactly what I wanted… and THEN SOME!

*And to you Daddy… Thank you not only for giving me a safe place to share my real fantasies, but for encouraging me to have wilder and naughtier ones… AND for being willing to bring them to life for me, as you did here and many times before.*

Hmmm… what’s next!?

Until next time – XOXO!




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  1. Ehehehe. It is HOT. For some reason, looking at it I realized how much i liked your piece about love. Maybe because you end it talking to your Daddy.

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