Hi everybody!

Wait, is there still an “everybody” that reads my blog? I know it’s been quite a while since my last post and for that, I apologize.  I am not one of those writers, although I envy them, who can just sit down and write and have something of value come out on “paper”.  I have to be motivated, fired up about, moved or just have something on my mind to sit down and create something (I deem) worthy of your time to read.  That sounds wonderfully intelligent until you scroll through my blog history and see 3 in a row containing my pussy…  Ok, so I try to be both intelligent and thoughtful or a naughty flasher.

There, does that sum it up honestly?  Good.  Moving on…

I want to write about love.  If that bores you or you find me sappy, now would be the time to exit.  As of right now, I don’t believe I will add a smutty pic at the end of this entry BUT… one never knows.  I’m a woman and as such, reserve the right to change my mind. 😉

If however, you are a “feeler” like me; take a seat, relax, open your heart and let’s share a moment.

I LOVE love.  Love so many of the beautiful things/feelings/actions/thoughts that go along with it are necessities in my life, integral aspects that I may be able to survive without, but absolutely cannot THRIVE without.

I know I have many readers, friends, fans and followers (for those of you that may still be sticking around to see if my naughty bits will magically appear at the end of this writing) that are more logical, left brained people, so I don’t know if I speak to the masses when I share my thoughts, views and feelings about love or if it sounds like nothing more than sappy hyperbole. One of the few things I am certain of is that the world is full of many different people with different “takes” on love and its value in their life.  But, maybe you love someone like me…  Maybe your partner in life is someone like me…  Maybe you can open your hearts to see love through my eyes and my perspective, if only for just a few moments, and it will inspire you to stoke that fire inside that “can’t live without” love person, just a little bit.  You may be pleasantly shocked with the outcome and the direct benefit it can have… in YOUR life.

Or not.  But this is MY blog and I’ll write what I want to.  ;-P

As I was saying, I LOVE love.  To me the single most beautiful thing in the world to see is watching two people obviously in love.  Think about that for a moment…  When was the last time you saw it?  Do you pay any mind to it?  Or are you too busy, too wrapped up in your own busy day, filled with things to do and places to go, to notice the new lovers sharing their gift so freely with you.  You can see it a mile away, and you can feel it as they pass you.  I am so grateful for their willingness to involuntarily share their infectious, passionate energy with anyone passing to absorb it; which has been me, lately.  I have learned that, if only for those brief moments, you can be filled with love by osmosis, and for that I am grateful.

I am almost always successful at not being jealous of love, envious with a genuine respect and admiration for it, maybe… but not jealous.  I believe we ALL get a turn on the enchanting and exhilarating roller coaster that is love, if only we open our hearts and quiet our thinkers a bit to partake… maybe even, fall in. I am so glad that I believe that with every fiber of my being because,  if I did not… that evil green eyed monster (that lives in my thinker) might just think he’s got a leg up on me. As long as I see love with the wonderfully rose colored glasses and warmth of my heart, how could I possibly be jealous?  It is the very language that my heart speaks!

Do you remember the very first time you fell in love?  Was it “puppy love”?  Which I don’t happen to believe in, by the way.  Love is love.  We are offered and can experience love at all stages of our lives.  When we are young, the only love we know is parental or sibling love (if you choose to call rivalry love, like I did).  So when that boy in 6th grade makes your heart go pitter patter and your stomach all fluttery for the very first time or when you see him across the black top and you happen to catch him looking at you – that my friends IS love.  When you hold hands with that boy at the skating rink and you get goose bumps when the palms of your hands touch, that IS love.

I have been in relationships where there were no more butterflies in my stomach, no more goose bumps when our skin touched, no more pitter patter in my heart when he came home from work….  How could I possibly say that those 6th graders on any given day were not experiencing love, when it was I who truly was not?

Love makes us do crazy, crazy things that don’t make sense.  That’s why I believe, to truly experience the bliss of true love, one must quiet their thinker a bit to hear it.  Love cannot be decided, bribed, convinced, or connived.  Love is two spirits allowed to connect, to souls allowed to play…

Have you ever made love with someone and your bodies, although pressed together from tip to toe, could not get close enough to each other?  You are breathing the same breath, soaked in the sweat that your bodies could have only created smashed together, sliding against each other… That aching, craving, burning inside, that you feel you will not survive; unless you can somehow crawl inside each other, and share the same outer skin for that moment? Those lustful, passionate, crushingly rare occasions when no matter how deep you grind, you just – Cannot. Get. Close. Enough….  I LOVE those times.  I crave those times.  I am so grateful that I remember each of those times in my life, because they are few and far between sometimes and for me, they make for the most satisfyingly thrilling, successful fantasies.

I love to people watch.  I can sit for quite a long time in a populated place and just enjoy watching all the different people pass.  I am always looking for two things: lovers and babies.  Actually, now that I think about it, they really are one in the same, just in different phases of love.  One the outward, expressive, boastful, new love, and the other…  the product of their love. I also like to watch for puppies, but we all know they are the true and original, unconditional givers of love.  If you want more love in your life, my suggestion is to get a dog.

I realize that sounds like I’m bashing men, but I assure you I am not.  Dogs are more like babies, without having to make-out with someone to get it.  No matter how mad you got at them for chewing the only shoes you like to wear with your favorite jeans that you happened to put on that morning, they will still lo-O-O-O-ove you like you haven’t been home in months, a mere hour or two hours later.  They will love you just as much the first day you meet them as they will the day you kiss them goodbye, and with a dog… it is obvious, pure and undeniable.

My thinker never once told me that my dog was falling out of love with me.  Not once.  We humans, we have the best of it and we get the worst of it too, don’t we?  Why must we make things so complicated? Why can’t we take a cue from man’s best friend and quiet our thinkers, just a bit… and open our hearts and share love.

Part of love, one of the best parts of it for me, is human contact.  (See? I wasn’t bashing)  Human contact is like air to me.  That kind of melding, burning lovemaking I described?  That is the pinnacle of human contact for me.  One experience like that leaves an everlasting, tangible mark on my soul.  Forever there for me to cue up and cherish, any little time I want to.  But we don’t get to have those experiences every day, they wouldn’t be all that special then, now would they!  Elbows touching in the car, A hand on my shoulder, holding hands, a hand on my low waist…  Curled up in the bed, or just our knees touching, a kiss on my forehead, his mouth on my mouth…   These are things that I could experience every day for the rest of my life and I would never take a single one for granted.  Not one.  These are the air that I breathe, this is the language that I speak.

Somewhere I read, from an anonymous author, “Sometimes, a simple loving hug can make all the difference.”

If you have a “feeler” in your life, if you love someone with a nurturing soul… these are a few ways that you can feed their spirit, these are just a few ways you can show them that you love them, these are small, subtle messages you can give that person in their language… Or maybe these are just a few things that you can take in for yourself, so that maybe that person will look less crazy and more in love.

I love you.

4 responses to “Love

  1. You are going to make some lucky man VERY happy. You have a great passion for life and willing to share your feelings openly with those you care about…. And you’re not too hard on the eyes either!! LOL. XOXOXO

  2. We have followed your “exploits” from the beginning and always enjoy hearing your take on life’s important issues. You are a warm, sincere and extremely passionate woman, who has given us many hours of pleasure in our lovemaking. Your passion is contagious and has encouraged us to try things we never would have dreamed of before “meeting” you almost 2 years ago. Thank you for showing us the way to true sexual and personal fulfillment !!!
    Carol & Richard

  3. I read somewhere that men focus naturally on the first chakra (sex) while wome focus naturally on the fourth (heart). That would explain a lot, bit it is such a generalization.
    Aldous Huxley noted in one of his essays that, while the sanskrit language has around 30 (? I don’t remember the exact # he gives: a lot) words to describe different types of love, we only have one. That would explain why we western people are so emotionally lost. Not you,though, my dear Simone. 🙂 pleaaaase, write more blogs!!!!

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