I am a real-life insatiable slut (yes, for real) and naughty model.  I love cock, so this whole porn thing has been pretty easy for me.  It’s like this, I freaking LOVE sex!  I LOVE cock!!  I LOVE pussy!  Getting paid for it is just a big bonus 😉  I feel like the luckiest slut on the planet!

You can see me live on cam Wednesday evenings  on kink.com / kinklive.com

Follow me on Twitter @simonesonay

Check out what I like (and would love to have) on my Wishlist:   http://amzn.com/w/36YA6N42H6L0K

and as soon as my 1st porn shoot posts, you’ll find it on boundgangbangs.com

23 responses to “About

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I will do my best to do that. I write when I get a “wild hair” about something, it’s a challenge for me to write on a directed topic… Sometimes though, if I guide my thoughts or daydream about something specific, the thoughts and words will come. My writing is passion driven, my best writings are when I sit down and allow my passion for something flow to the keyboard. Otherwise, I’m boring! Hahaha

  1. You’re an amazing woman & one of the hottest porn stars ever!
    Do you workout or playing any sport?Because you’ve a fit strong body.
    I would like to say that you made some historical hot scenes at kink.com specially your scene with Chanel Preston & Lorelei Lee when you’re playing Chanel’s stepmom!
    Your scene with Chanel was the best ever,Chanel look like an angel but she was deliver like a devil!Did you expect that a beautiful young chick like Chanel could be so ruthless & torture an experienced strong woman like you?Chanel was so cruel & sadistic but you took all the pain like a champ!Chanel & Lorelei definitely are mean girls & you’re definitely a sexy,horny & strong woman with high tolerance!The young chicks look very experienced & dominant although Chanel is younger than you by 14 years & Lorelei is younger than you by 9 years,it seems there was a high chemistry between all of you!Could you plz tell me what was your impressions before & after this scene?What happend between you & the mean girls behind the scenes?
    I loved seeing you dominated,pounded,slapped & degraded by your step-daughter & i would love to see you dominated by your step-daughters more & more!
    I want to thank for being sexy,lovely,horny,hot & dedicated!

  2. Porn before, as was your sex life? fuck many guys? your husband like see you fuck other guys?

    you are amazing, i see all your scenes many times!!

  3. How to tell you how beautiful you are and your face and the vision of those eyeS STILLINGERS IN MY HEAD ,i don’t wanna get indulged in watching Pmovies it’s beyond my age , but i’am not a cissy i’am just a man who happens to see you incidentally . I don’t wanna see , the movies You seem very pro and you seem to enjoy your activities tremendously you must be very honest to go through all this , unscaterred ,anyway you are wonderfully awesome ,i just wanted to have a phoportrait of you. You are a strong female Tschuss

  4. I Simone. I love you a ton. You are so pretty and kinky. I love the kinky things with sex. Giving you a nice rim job would be great. I’d love to smell and kiss you pretty feet. Also fantasize about you and Syren D. both peeing on me at once. Pee right into my open mouth. I love this.

    It’s great to follow you on Twitter. You’re very nice and so friendly towards me. I’m 64 years old so a lot of the 20 something girls won’t talk to me. I’m a sex lover, just like you. Bi sexual too, which adds a 2nd dimension.
    See you on Twitter.
    Love you.
    Buster (@Buster842) on Twitter.

  5. Simone! I Can’t thank you enough last night you helped me get out that easy one quickly before I went to see my girlfriend and the sex couldn’t have been greater! So thankful and as per your wish, she knew I tugged it out to your beautiful face and next time your on kink live she said she’d love to suck me off as per your instructions instead.
    Lots of love.
    P.S you still are the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen!
    Brock Star

  6. hello simone,i found you from “over 40 handjobs”,your good looking and your so very luck to love sex,get plenty of it and even getting paid for something you love!!!.i wish i could find just one woman to have sex with in life???,i keep searching……..bruce,45,london uk

  7. Looking forward to your scene in Anal Motherfuckers 2 with Mike Adriano and I see your mate from EB Syren DeMer has a scene there too. Can’t wait!!!

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